Psychology 101

Psychology: The Science of Thought and Behavior

Author: Abraham Feinberg.
Edition: Revised Edition (2013).
Published: 2013, 225 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9831725-9-8

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Psychology:The Science of Thought and Behavior

If you like, you can also purchase the book on, although it is slightly more expensive there.

Why did you write your own book? Are you some kind of stuck-up, stuffy, tweed-jacketed, corduroy-pants-wearing snob of a professor?

Admittedly, I do kind of like corduroy pants. But the real reason I wrote this book was to provide a less expensive text that would cover exactly what we do in this class. My experience as a student was that most textbooks are at least twice as big and twice as expensive as they need to be, so this is my attempt at creating something smaller and cheaper. I hope that you like it! I am continually working on it and making improvements, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know!

Why is the book not available at the YC bookstore?

I decided to stop making the book available at the bookstore because selling it there involved a 25% markup in the price. I was a student too, so I'm very familiar with how insanely expensive textbooks can be.

My financial aid won't pay for the book because it isn't sold through the bookstore. What should I do?

My understanding is that unused financial aid is disbursed to students for general use sometime during the first couple weeks of the semester, so you should be able to pay for the book at that time. In the meantime, you can e-mail me and I will send you a PDF of the first couple chapters so that you can keep up with the class.

What is the book like?

The book is a small paperback, a bit over 200 pages. After many years spent in school hunched over massive tomes, I have tried hard to keep this text short and easy to carry around.

Why does the book cost what it costs?

Although the book is much less expensive than most textbooks, it still costs more than I would like. This is a result of it being produced on a small scale specifically for this class. Part of this is because printing costs are higher per book when they are produced in small quantities. However, the biggest expense is the amount of time that is involved in writing and updating the book.